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Clean swimming pool water disinfection method

编辑:Ningbo An Mopu swimming pool supplies, Ltd  时间:2016-07-08

(A) the cycle of water purification and disinfection equipment
1. swimming pool circulating water purification and disinfection equipment must be installed, and can meet the requirements of water treatment. Swimming places complete cycle of water quality purification and disinfection devices should be kept intact, and establishing a regular inspection and maintenance system, and make regular inspection, maintenance and repair records. Identify problems and maintenance, failure emergency measures to ensure normal operation of all kinds of facilities and equipment, in good condition.
2. selection of circulating water purification and disinfection equipment, shall meet the following requirements:
(1) the equipment is simple, safe, reliable, simple in operation and maintenance;
(2) the metering devices for measurement accuracy, adjustable and flexible;
(3) the dosing system can automatically control, safe and reliable;
(4) the chlorination plant at least set up a spare, chlorination plant there should be pressure stable and uninterrupted water chlorination plant running and stopping should be interlocked with the circulating pump running and stop setting device.
(B) the swimming pool water disinfection
1. the choice of disinfectants shall meet the following requirements:
(1) the disinfection capability, and continuous sterilization function;
(2) does not cause water pollution, does not change the pool water quality;
(3) stimulate the human body, or a very small;
(4) small structures, equipment and pipeline corrosion.
2. appropriate uses of chlorine-containing disinfectants and disinfection of swimming pool water. At present, the swimming pool using chlorine-containing disinfectants: chlorine, bleaching powder, bleach water, TCCA (TCCA). Bleaching powder residue, clog pipes, water quality, also phased out. Floating water chlorine is very unstable, its active chlorine with the environment, temperature, humidity, light, and time and other factors gradually decreased. Used liquid chlorine disinfection Shi due prevent leak measures, including water treatment room should away from pool and closed, room within has emergency alarm device,; liquid chlorine should be used vacuum type automatically voted added way, and should set chlorine and water full mixed and contact of device; strong chlorine fine (TCCA) due to has conjugate group, in water in the gradually decomposition release out hypochlorite, left of cyanide uric acid salt on water in the of effective chlorine has stable role. It is itself toxic, storage and fairly stable. In recent years, China has quite a bit of pool using the TCCA as swimming pool water disinfection agent.
3. in case the conditions and needs of, ozone, ultraviolet, or other disinfection methods can be used. When using ozone or ultraviolet disinfection should also be supplemented with chlorine for disinfection to maintain continuity of disinfection.
4. swimming pool water (including children's wading pools a continuous supply of new water) free residual chlorine content in pool water with chlorine for 0.3-0.5mg/L calculation, dipping feet disinfection pools and chlorine free residual chlorine content in pool water is calculated 5-10mg/L, 1-2 hours before dosing time is best in the open. When the swimming place, periodic determination of residual chlorine of swimming pool water, and completes the record. Conditional, when indoor swimming place, residual chlorine measured once every 2 hours; when the outdoor swimming place, residual chlorine measured once per hour.
(C) to prevent the growth of artificial swimming pool algae, joined the 0.25-0.5mg/L copper sulfate in the water (in the 1000m3 water 2-3kg put), algae is found the maximum dosage should not exceed 1.0mg/L per month to put in 1-2 is better.