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Swimming pool accessories for Rio's plunge pool

编辑:Ningbo An Mopu swimming pool supplies, Ltd  时间:2016-08-10

There has been concern at the Olympics, regardless of previous news or game out of the news.

(Digression) Sun Yang in the 200-meter freestyle title, Xiao bian here to congratulate the Zhejiang young man.

Now we talk about the water in the pool, this side of the water why would one day change color?

Beijing time on August 10, in yesterday's men's diving double 10-meter platform after the game, match the color of the water in the pool from blue to green, this diving and the Rio Olympic Committee officials expressed shock about the matter, but has also raised concerns about water quality.

In yesterday's game, cold plunge pools are still blue, but today's athletes and those watching in the stands, including yesterday won the men's 10-meter platform for two bronze medals of the United Kingdom name Daley, found the water turned murky green.

According to audience reactions, opposite the swimming pool is still the original dark blue, it is worth mentioning that, Daley himself in today's women's pair Tweet joked after the game, "well ... What the hell is going on? "

This morning, women's synchronized 10-meter platform competition is carried out in the swimming pool, the dark green color of the water in the course of the game, China's Chen ruolin/Liu Hui Xia won the Championship.

Rio Olympic Committee official expressed shock at this kind of thing only, made no specific responses, presumably due to lack of residual chlorine in swimming pools bacteria or algae to breed, but the exact cause is unknown.

Finally swim accessories manufacturers to congratulate the athletes won medals at the Olympic Games, and the athletes who are struggling, you hard.