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Methods of water treatment equipment for swimming pool supplies

编辑:Ningbo An Mopu swimming pool supplies, Ltd  时间:2016-08-08

We now to exercise very seriously, and swimming is to keep the body healthy. City has begun construction of many swimming pools, of which there are open-air and indoor. But after the pool water through the use of pollution is more serious for a long time, so you need to use the swimming pool water treatment equipment.

  Swimming pool supplies of water treatment equipment commonly used technical methods

1. pool water treatment technology of diatomite filter

More and more modern swimming facility in the city, should be repeated on a regular basis for processing. Because the swimming pool has a lot of pollutants, which include bacteria, make-up and other impurities in dust. Swimming pool water treatment devices can use diatomaceous earth filters, it belongs to the slow removal from water by filtration of toxic fungi. And allows water to reach clear and transparent, but very high maintenance costs filter non-renewable.

3. swimming pool water treatment technology of automatic steam blast oxygen filter

Swimming pool water treatment equipment is used more and more in recent years, technology has been steadily improving a technology originated from Europe by the attention. Steam explosion it is automatically dissolved oxygen filter, swimming pool water treatment equipment can be no valves and no change. High filtering accuracy of equipment energy saving, and does not require the maintenance of the system generating savings in manpower.

Swimming pool in the city now more and more people exercising in the rest. Swimming pool water disinfected on a regular basis every day, because with germs, dirt, impurities, etc. I am swimming pool water treatment equipment safely and efficiently, comply with hygienic standard for swimming place and a pool of water supply and sewerage design specifications.