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Advantages and disadvantages of swimming pool supplies swimming pool disinfection

编辑:Ningbo An Mopu swimming pool supplies, Ltd  时间:2016-08-05

  Swimming pool supplies all kinds of advantages and disadvantages of swimming pool disinfectant use

1. liquid chlorine

Chlorine is almost 100% of highly toxic gas used special cylinder storage, to have special chlorination equipment, because these devices are extremely perishable, so often spill.

Advantages: low price.

Disadvantages: storage of equipment corrosion and leak, resulting in death. At this pool use is being phased out.

2. bleaching powder

Advantages: low price.

Drawbacks: vulnerable, Standard Chartered, causing secondary pollution.

3. sodium hypochlorite

Its active chlorine content ≥ 10%. It is a byproduct of chlor-alkali producers. A liquid, solid, or generator, very volatile. Actually is nothing but lye and liquid chlorine, PH value is very high, you must use strong acids can be neutralized, but still not an effective solution to its chlorine mass in space now and threats on corrosion of steel structure.

Today using this disinfectant production today, in particular water, day active disinfecting ingredients cut in half.

Sodium hypochlorite generator, according to the use of the swimming pool reflects a very short life (this same user without the professional maintenance also has something to do with).

4. sodium Dichloro cyanurate

Its chlorine content 70% are salts.

Qualitative difference with bleaching powder is its matrix is not lime, so no secondary pollution of concern.

5. the ozone

Ozone is chlorine disinfectants, currently being rolled out to the swimming pool water treatment abroad. It is based on a high-voltage discharge, with dry purified air into ozone generator unit, high pressure discharge gap, air parts of inspired oxygen molecules into oxygen atoms, oxygen atoms and oxygen atoms (or oxygen atoms and oxygen molecules) and generates ozone.

Ozone has a strong antioxidant capacity. Strong oxidants such as chlorine, but not a permanent residual.

As ozone in the theoretical advantages, wide range of disinfection, so production of ozone generator manufacturers have a lot at home and abroad.

6. micro-electrolysis disinfection

Boiler equipment in use in the past, a common scale of calcium and magnesium ions, which not only make the heat a lot of loss and risk of causing a boiler explosion. , Many academics and experts to design a number of programmes to address this issue, such as the use of calcium and magnesium ions of sodium ion exchanger replacement.

7. UV disinfection

UV sterilization, is the consensus, but so far, swimming pool water disinfection at home and abroad, few used the device to achieve the purpose of disinfecting pool water.

First is the large amount of swimming pool water. Could theoretically make this equipment, but costs and high running costs.

Second UV lamp must be placed in a glass case in the bonded materials on its surface, decreasing ultraviolet bactericidal effect. In electricity and UV lamp is not cheap if you are untimed, it is hard to imagine into swimming pool water treatment.

8. other compounds of sulfur, mercury, bromine, iodine

Chemicals that can be used as a disinfecting a lot, but often in parallel with the sterilization, sometimes also affect human health, while some disinfectant, because with a different color, it cannot be used in swimming pool water treatment.

Worthy of special mention here is, use chlorine as a disinfectant in water treatment of swimming pools swimming pools may wish to add traces of bromide, it can improve the ability of chlorine disinfection.

Above 8 are common kinds of disinfection on clean swimming pool.