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Swimming pool supplies swimming pool treatment

编辑:Ningbo An Mopu swimming pool supplies, Ltd  时间:2016-08-01

Everyone should go swimming in the summer for "cool", but we care about an issue, is the swimming-pool water do not clean, but how did swimming pools for disinfection of swimming pool today pool supplies manufacturers to introduce how to clean swimming pools.

1. algae and algal inhibition

Put copper sulfate, normally preventing per 1000 cubic meters of water put in 2~3kg is appropriate, put 2 times a month (and this drug delivery after 2 hours it takes to do the following steps). But with the increase of swimmers will bring some organic pollution, rain will bring about changes in water quality caused by algae growth, once again, you need to put copper sulfate. In addition, if new water also needs to redouble its delivery.

2. sterilization and disinfection

Swimming pool water disinfection used trichloro isocyanuric acid disinfection tablet or trichloro isocyanuric acid disinfectant. Trichloro isocyanuric acid disinfectants used (disinfection powder or tablets) to disinfect, preferably two times, once at after the end of the day, one in the 1-2 hours before opening.

3. qingshuiqing using method of clarifying

Qingshuiqing clarifier dosage per 1000 cubic meters using 1 bottle diluted before use, then pour on the edge of the pool in the pool. Clarifier is a cationic polymer, and-inorganic polymer flocculant-poly aluminium chloride are different (Poly aluminum chloride to form larger alum, sedimentation speed), it is mainly small water by adsorption of cationic impurities to form larger particles, making it with water into the circulatory system through sand filters the water clean. Added clarifying agent must continuously open circulatory system 8-16 after hours clarifying agent is generally after joining the pool the second or third day to achieve the best results, essentially about a week's time.

4. put water purifying agent

Open pool best time every day to maintain good water quality filtration systems, water suspensions, algae filtered through sand and other impurities removed. If this does not achieve very good results, that we need to put water purifier, water purifying agent PAC and qingshuiqing clarifying agent in two ways. Prior to joining both purifying agent, it is best to do a shock treatment.