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Swimming pool supplies: swims what will we get?

编辑:Ningbo An Mopu swimming pool supplies, Ltd  时间:2016-07-29

This summer is very hot? small series were this year's summer heat, especially these two weeks is really hot, are afraid to go out, and small series of the past few days have been "glory" was suffering from heat exhaustion, Xiao bian is considering a double break to go swimming. But then again, if we're going to go swimming, we are planning what? small series summarizes some medicine to prepare things.

1. swimwear: women's swimming special clothing, good figure girl How can you pass up this opportunity. Usually made of cotton or synthetic fabrics, the surface is smooth, color or stripe patterns. Swimming competition rules, contest with a bathing suit must be dark (or dark-coloured patterned) upper and lower body one-piece swimsuit, recreation or fitness swimsuits are not subject to this restriction.

2. swim pants: special clothing for men's swimming, made with cotton, wool or synthetic fabrics. Triangle shorts, monochrome or with a variety of patterns. Race-specific rules of bathing suit must be dark, the hip period not shorter than 10 cm on both sides.

3. swim caps swimming equipment, most for LaTeX products, are made of cotton or synthetic fabrics; smooth surface to reduce friction drag and hair.

4. goggles: special appliances for swimming, with transparent or tinted, dark green translucent hard plastic or acrylic stamping into two circular patch, links or other material with a rubber band, eye protection for swimmers, from water and sunlight. Unavailable goggles tight buckle double eye fixed with rubber elastic band in back, in case of water infiltration.

5. resistance swimwear: swimming training clothes. Exterior with ordinary swimwear, underwear only before and after the creation of pockets, Pocket upward, to practice stroke, kick or strokes. As the swimmer while swimming forward, pockets filled with water can increase the resistance, so as to strengthen the muscles of the body.

6. floating clothing: elementary swimming AIDS, structure and shape and a normal swimsuit, only sewn on pockets, can be placed within foam blocks. For children and beginner swimmers wear. The bathing suit has buoyancy, and characteristics of easy to wear, easy to increase buoyancy. After wearing the swimmers float in water for a long time, conducive to learning swimming. Foam block can increase or decrease according to the needs, and beginner learning to float or swim after they master, foam block can be removed.

7. floating arm sleeve: one of the auxiliary aids for beginners, formed by the plastic soft membrane punching, soft film thickness of about 213 mm, Chevron-shaped, hollow, balloon 2, each accompanied by a safety valve. When swimmer was wearing in the upper arm, then blow air through your mouth. Wearing this arm sleeve and fully inflated, beginners can float in water for a long time, always out of the water, his arms can be freely allocated water to facilitate swimmers to maintain normal breathing and swimming, popular abroad began in the 70 's, 80 in China began to appear.

8. shark skin swimwear: fabric is smooth, reduces the viscosity of the water in the swimming competition, reducing drag.

Above a swimming pool supplies manufacturers finish, hee hee.