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Went to a swimming season to buy pool supplies you need to pay attention to what

编辑:Ningbo An Mopu swimming pool supplies, Ltd  时间:2016-07-26

Recent hot weather, the pool began to open the door the guests in. High temperature fire in the swimming pool pool supplies sales were also fire. Chinese journalists in the past two days visiting the market found that recent recent swimming CAP, goggles and swimsuit sales rally.

In the supermarket, reporters saw swimming gear is individually arranged to a conspicuous amount of shelf price in hundreds of children and men's swimming trunks, goggles for children in dozens of Yuan, and adult swim goggles expensive at more than 100 million. Sales personnel, recent sales of these goods have a greater gain, many customers purchase a set of swimming equipment. In South two ring a movement supplies Mall, swimming with products shelf on is located in entrance subsection of location, classification more fine, regardless of is swimming pants, and swimming Cap also is swimming mirror, are was divided for "leisure" and "into order" "two class, former applies Yu beginner swimming who, and price more cheap, which applies Yu frequently swimming of lovers who, material good but price also more your.

Sales personnel, shorts prices vary according to the degree of resistance to chloride and style; cap price is mainly divided in terms of material properties. Professionals, members of the public in the purchase of goggles should be considered, not all "code" pool supplies are for everyone. In terms of bathing suits, fabrics with high spandex content is better, because it is easy to stretch elastic. In General, the splice swimsuit style easy to crack, should choose to wear slightly tight fitting but not stretch bathing suit. Do not select the larger size because after it was launched, the gravity of the water will make bathing suits have delays, easy to slip.

Swim caps, swim caps are divided into cloth or silicone material, fabric air permeability is good, prices are cheaper, but poor waterproofing; permeability of silicone is a bit poor, but good waterproof, prices are slightly more expensive. Wear a swimming cap on your head doesn't feel too tight, and to cover their hair or ears are completely covered. Goggles, regardless of degree or no degree, goggles, when you purchase do not need to select frames are too big, just cover box is OK, otherwise easily into the water.