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Summer heat swimming pool supplies best selling

编辑:Ningbo An Mopu swimming pool supplies, Ltd  时间:2016-07-26

After the Dragon Boat Festival, the temperature "miso miso" upwards, except the air conditioning, but many people choose to swim to prevent heatstroke, so shopping malls, swimming pool supplies at the supermarket fire.

On June 13, I love Dennis, Department stores and other large supermarkets to see, bathing suit, swim ring, swimming caps, swimming goggles, swimming equipment is placed in a prominent position, some supermarkets are also summer heat zones, special sale products associated with swimming.

"I want my daughter to learn how to swim this summer, so I came to buy her swimwear, swim caps, swim. This pink children's swimsuits prices relatively affordable, style is also very nice. "A public plan to buy swimsuits writer said.

Afterwards, the author several scenery road, arrived at the lingerie store. In one store, I see, a wide variety of swimwear is placed in the doorway. Inside, two women are choosing the right bathing suit. They told me that now that the weather is very hot, wearing a bathing suit and go swimming after work after swimming home again, can not only eliminate heat and exercise.

The shop owner said, after the Dragon Boat Festival, the temperature continues to rise, to buy bathing suits, lifebuoys, swimming glasses marked increase in commodities such as members of the public, when business is good to sell more than 10 items a day. Among them, bathing suits that cost 100~200 the most popular.

Interviews found that the divergence between price of swimming equipment, especially the children's swimming pool supplies, there are more than 10 Yuan, there are hundreds of Yuan. Swimming equipment sold some businesses even the factory name, address, the implementation of standards, and other information are marked on. In accordance with the requirements of national safety technical code for toys, children swimming equipment, including goggles, such as life jackets, swim ring, must be affixed with the national compulsory product certification, that is, 3C certification mark, age, location, use and apply method, the safety instructions of the material. Remind the people, whether adults or children, when selecting a swimming equipment such as life jackets and swimming laps in, make sure you purchase bearing the national compulsory product certification, that is, 3C certification mark swimming products in order to avoid accidents in swimming, cause harm to their own personal safety.