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Suction head

Suction head A2004 pool supplies

Suction head A2004 pool supplies
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Suction head A2004, swimming pool supplies

Transparent cast iron weights of the triangle pool suction head, rotating suction head, triangular design, easier to clean compared to common-pool head to the swimming pool corner dust dirt

Suction head is swimming pool suction dirt machine main parts, also called swimming pool suction head, swimming pool suction disk. the suction head shape is triangular, and brushes, appearance, and the suction effect. Suction head is mainly with the suction pump, suction tubes, telescopic pole into manual suction machine, for the pool bottom, end of landscape water, sauna, pool, water park, water suction, suction head is a pioneer in sewage suction machine.
"Name": swimming pool suction head (also called suction heads, swimming pool suction plate, bottom suction head, bottom suction plate etc)
"Specifications": the triangle
"Material": high transparent plastics
"Color": transparent blue, very beautiful
"Shape": triangles
"Handle": white plastic handle
"Features": the suction bottom 7 brushes of different distribution.
1, aesthetics: If you go to buy suction head, the suction head is first seen, because its shape is very beautiful, transparent triangle, translucent blue and white, classic color schemes, upscale and elegant.
2, practical: plastic handle, convenient and practical. Bottom suction are distributed in different directions around the mouth 7 plastic brush, suction stubbornly attached to the bottom of the pool before the dirt brushes, easy to suck, so easier to suction without dead angle suction, the pool cleaner. Plastic brush does not hurt the bottom of the pool, suitable for all kinds of swimming pool.

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