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Suction head A2001 swimming pool supplies

Suction head A2001 swimming pool supplies
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Suction head A2001

Standard gasket suction head with cast iron weights, elastic suction head, blue-and-white fan suction head, suitable for water pool, swimming pool bottom cleaner.

Easier to suction without dead angle suction, the pool cleaner. Convenient and practical. Bottom suction are distributed in different directions around the mouth 7 plastic brush, suction stubbornly attached to the bottom of the pool before the dirt brushes, easy to suck, plastic brush does not hurt the bottom of the pool, suitable for all kinds of swimming pool.

The bottom of the suction head is particularly suitable for irregular small swimming pool, sauna, pool, landscape pools at places such as bottom clean suction, auxiliary suction sewage pump, suction hose, telescopic rod and so on.

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